2021 Tour of Sufferlandria Stage 2

Nine Hammers
It was not a pretty ending today.

Sometimes you’re the nail. Sometimes you’re the hammer. Today, I was the nail and got hammered. The workout today was Nine Hammers which is 9 intervals with six 3-minute MAP efforts and three 3-4:30 minute threshold efforts. After the glorious suffering yesterday on the cobbles, my legs were already tired, but here we are.

I abolsutely love this workout when fresh. Tired, it is a different kind of evil. Add in the sub-zero temperatures outside, it was the perfect workout for Valentine’s Day. What better way of spending your day with your loved one (in my case my love of suffering). By the penultimate interval, I was toast. It was near impossible to keep my cadence above 60 rpm. I think I did the last interval anywhere between 45-50 rpm. I don’t remember as I everything was a bit blurry.

But this is what that tour is all about. It’s not a physical challenge. It’s a mental challenge. Your brain is the limit, not the body. The body just accepts the signals. Two days down, five to go.

Bucket will be ready for tomorrow.

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