2021 Tour of Sufferlandria – The Stats

Whew. What a week.

I thought the tour was going to be a physical challenge. Days over one hour on the trainer are tough on me. But in reality, the challenge was more mental than anything.

Case in point, Stage 1. Two plus hours on the trainer, loads of training stress. Plus the Cobbler effort is 3 by 25 minute intervals. I tend to space out after 10 minute intervals and lose focus. But getting through this stage, which I would consider the queen stage, set the tone for the entire week and proved that I can mentally get through this tour.

Today, I felt pretty good all things considered. Sure, my legs are still sore. My resting heart rate is still higher than normal, but lower than what it was the last few days. The true test will see what my new numbers will be in two weeks.

TimeTSSMilesWork (Kj)
Stage 1Joyride + Cobbler2:16:3414235.01240
Stage 2Nine Hammers0:58:228515.3585
Stage 3Fight Club0:55:526914.6532
Stage 4Half is Easy + G.O.A.T.1:19:328420.7723
Stage 5Norway1:00:556115.7542
Stage 6Who Dares + The Cure1:24:038721.8762
Stage 7Defender + Attacker1:42:2011628.91020

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