Been a minute. I’ve been enjoying this cyclocross season so much that it has been hard to put into the words of all of the experiences, the emotions and the stories that will do it all justice.

Last season I had a pretty simple goal—do all the races and finish them. I was pretty successful at that. This year, the goals were a little different, both personal and private. The first was to not finish DFL in all of the category 4 races. The second was to be closer to the front of the field than last. And the last goal was to try my hand at single speed. So far the results have been mixed, but honestly, half-way through the year, I’d call it a smashing success.

As analytical and methodical as I typically am, sometimes life just happens. And the life happens moment of the cyclocross season was getting involved in the group that puts on the local cyclocross practices, joining a cyclocross team (again) and meeting all sorts of new people that I otherwise would not have met. In addition, I’ve been able to share my passion and knowledge of cyclocross as well.

In the last few weeks, I’ve explained my story into how I got into the sport. It all started with joining a team and buying my first cross bike. (That bike so happens to be part of a gate outside of Ben’s Cycle since I drove it into my garage at the time.) That team was so much fun; full of a lot of great people. But like everything, people come and go and it was time for me to do my own thing.

The Saturday morning Gelbbrucke team at the Trek CX Cup. (Photo courtesy of Michelle Hall)

At some point during the preseason cross practices, I got to know some of the people on the newly formed Gelbbrücke – Spirit of Sport team. I had already known the ringleader for a while. This was a group of people that spanned the spectrum of experience–novices to all the way up to Cat 2 riders. One thing led to another and I found myself on the team, and a new group of people to cheer on and support during the race weekends. (Kit is still on order and hopefully it get here before the end of the season so I can at least get one race in it.)

Watching this team to grow into what it is today has been awesome to see. From people taking on their first races to their first podiums, everyone seems to be reaching personal successes. I have no idea where this team or group is going or what it will look like in the future, but I am excited for it.

What else has happened?

  • Broke a shoe during the muddy Lion Cross race in Waterford.
  • Took 32,909 steps running around Hill Bill Vol. 2 either setting up, fixing or changing the course.
  • First single speed race was at Englewood CX and found that I should have picked a smaller cog.
  • Found out that doing a double race day on Saturday was not a good idea. Was dead the next day at the Battle of Waterloo CX.
  • Always take the A line at Badger Prairie.
  • Still should have picked a smaller cog at Diablo Sunnyview Cross in the single speed race.
  • I still don’t belong on a UCI C1 course after struggling with the flyovers at the Trek CX Cup.
  • Successfully made it down the single track and then up the steep single track at Field of Riches.
  • Crashing in sand is supposed to be a soft landing, but somehow I still managed to smash my perineum area during the Sheboygan race.

Hard to believe that the season is half way over. It’s been my favorite so far. So many great memories.