Ever have a bunch of ideas and topics to write about but can’t put the thoughts together coherently? For someone who’s head is in the clouds a lot of the time and whose mind is always moving a million miles per hour, this is a new phenomenon for me.

Things I considered writing about or have partial posts written include…

  • Documentaries with themes of beginning of the end for two bands at different points in their careers.
  • The bonkers 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.
  • This overwhelming energy in the air that something is about to change.
  • Pursuing an MBA in an effort to open up career options and the learnings from it.
  • The results of my 4DP test. (Spoiler: it was awful.)

But in all reality, I probably shouldn’t have committed to at least one post per week entering the quiet part of the year. I have a tendency to at any given time to keep my options open and generally unwilling to make a decision until analyzing all of the information. Committing to anything is a big deal for me. It’s generally a sign of me taking something seriously.

Maybe I’ll get a new stream of inspiration soon. As a reader, what would you like me to write about? Suggestions are welcome.